Electric water heaters

Electric water heaters

In our shop you will find high-quality electric water heaters and the necessary accessories for them. By choosing an instantaneous water heater, you will be able to enjoy hot water continuously and without restrictions. Our models are characterised by the fact that electricity is drawn only when the appliance starts up, making them not only a modern but also an economical solution for detached houses, flats and cottages. When choosing a water heater, we recommend paying attention to the wattage of the device so that it meets all your needs. Take a look at the Mission Air range!

Mission Air electric water heaters

An electric water heater can not only support your heating system in your flat or house, but is also a great solution when you need hot water in an unheated shed or summerhouse. Electric instantaneous water heaters are also used in restaurants, hotels and many other places. Thanks to their high efficiency, trouble-free and economical operation, our devices are extremely popular in all the above-mentioned places.

Advantages of electric instantaneous water heaters

Why choose electric water heaters? First of all, they can be installed in many places, all thanks to their small size. They are most often installed above the sink or basin. In the Mission Air range, you will also find tap-mounted models that are very convenient to use. We also offer multi-point instantaneous water heaters for central hot water supply. They can be used in single-family homes or in the workplace. We invite you to check our range and choose the best model for your needs!