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Construction dehumidifiers

Our construction dehumidifiers are primarily designed for construction sites. They also excel in rooms with harsh and difficult working conditions. Their performance allows them to effectively remove the effects of flooding, and they also prove extremely helpful in vineyards, museums and workshops. The professional dehumidifiers in our range are a very good choice for rooms with large volumes. Check out our Mission Air shop!

Professional dehumidifiers for construction sites

Construction dehumidifiers are devices that efficiently remove excess moisture from rooms. They thus guarantee optimum humidity and allow it to be controlled in warehouses, industrial buildings and production halls. All our industrial dehumidifiers accelerate the evaporation and drying of water. Thanks to this, they make it possible to prevent the destruction of hygroscopic materials and reduce the possibility of mould and mildew occurrence to practically zero.

How Mission Air construction and industrial dehumidifiers work

Regardless of how tightly sealed the windows and doors are, moisture is always entering the rooms and can even penetrate thick concrete walls. Excessive humidity can accelerate the formation of mould and rust, which damages building materials and electrical installations. Building dehumidifiers prevent the above effects with their high dehumidification capacity.

They can operate around the clock, thanks to a built-in fan that allows excess moisture to be removed from the air immediately into an evaporator, where the condensation process begins. The liquid is then discharged into a special water tank, which can be emptied quickly and easily.

If you are looking for an efficient and high-performance building dehumidifier, then take a look at the Mission Air range. If you are not sure which model to choose, contact our specialists who will help you find the optimal solution!