Heating mats under tiles

Tile heating mats

Electric under-tile heating mats offer you the opportunity to create a warm and comfortable interior. Once they have been installed, you will immediately feel how pleasant it is to step on the floor. You will no longer have to fear the coldness of the terracotta beneath your feet. Underfloor heating with fitted heating mats is a great solution for bathrooms and kitchens and wherever ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware or terracotta are used. At Mission Air, we offer safe, efficient and energy-saving heating systems based on electric mats for homes and businesses. Check out our range!

Tile heating mats at Mission Air

The most common way of heating homes and flats is still radiators. However, our customers have found that the underfloor heating mats we offer are a convenient way of guaranteeing their thermal comfort, as well as optimising their space. By using underfloor heating, you can walk barefoot even on the ground floor of your house without fear of the cold beating from the tiles.

Underfloor heating with electric heating mats under tiles

The underfloor heating mats offered at Mission Air are very thin and easy to install directly into the adhesive layer under the tiles. They are therefore ideal for installation in new buildings and renovations. They do not require the construction of a boiler room, the purchase of a cooker, or the storage of fuel or installation of central heating radiators. The only element that is visible is the wall-mounted thermostat. The panel has a modern design and blends in well with any interior design, while easily controlling the temperature of the floor and the room. An important advantage of the underfloor heating system is that the mats are thin, so they do not raise the floor level. Their specific power is as high as 160w/m²! If you are interested in our offer and would like to select the right mats for your house or flat, please do not hesitate to contact us!