Tile mat sets

Electric mats under tiles - Kits

Radiators are still the most commonly used way to heat homes, flats and rooms in other buildings. Developments in technology mean that, at Mission Air, we can offer an alternative heat source that is not only more efficient, but also energy-efficient. You will find underfloor heating mat sets that will allow you to take care of the heating comfort in every room. You can install them under tiles of various types. In addition, our under-tile heating mats offer the possibility of better space arrangement and save space in rooms, as they successfully replace worn-out radiators.

Electric under-tile heating mats in sets

The heating mats we offer are extremely thin and easy to install, so they are suitable for installation in new buildings and renovations. The only visible component of the entire underfloor heating kit is the temperature controller. It features an aesthetically pleasing design, so it can blend in perfectly with a variety of room design styles.

The kits include single-sided powered self-adhesive mats, which can be easily laid on the floor. The dedicated mat model, for ceramic tiles and other types, features an output of 160 W/m2. The mats are made of thin heating wire, which is resistant to high temperatures.

Underfloor heating mat sets with thermostat

The use of our MA-160 underfloor heating mat sets is a guarantee of a significant improvement in thermal comfort and optimal room temperature. Such a system can be an additional or main heat source, making it very popular for heating all kinds of rooms, both in newly built houses and after renovation.

Together with an intelligent temperature controller, our sets are extremely efficient and at the same time simple to operate. Temperature control requires no specialist knowledge. Simple operation, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness all make it ideal for electric heating systems. The kits also come with mounting accessories such as protective conduits, flush-mounted boxes for the controller and floor temperature sensors. Take a look at the details of our offer!