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Temperature regulators

Maintaining the right temperature in a room involves constantly controlling the central heating system. If you want to avoid this, you can take advantage of our offer and choose an electronic temperature controller. With this control device, you will ensure that the temperature in your flat or house remains constant. The temperature controllers we offer are now standard equipment in modern heating systems, but you can also fit them into an existing installation.

We have created a diverse range of products from reliable manufacturers. So you are guaranteed to choose a perfectly functioning, reliable and functional device. Our temperature controllers feature simple and intuitive operation, allowing you to safely control the operation of your heating system.

Room temperature controllers

Using a room temperature controller will allow you to maintain a constant temperature while consuming very little electricity. When the temperature sensor detects a drop in temperature, it will automatically switch the heating on and stop it when the temperature reaches the desired level again. By installing our temperature controllers, you will not have to constantly check your heating system. A properly programmed temperature controller will do all the work for you!

Our temperature controllers are very easy to install. Their elegant and modern design makes them fit in well with many interior decorations. In addition, the room thermostats feature a digital display and high temperature measurement accuracy. This guarantees their efficient and reliable operation.

Heating control systems

Our temperature controllers are ideal for domestic installations - they work very well with electric underfloor heating, which you will also find in our range. In addition, thermostats are also a very good solution for commercial premises, workshops and wherever rooms are heated by a gas, electric or water heating system. The wide range of applications for the controllers in our range makes them very popular. Choose a proven device from Mission Air and ensure the comfort of temperature control in your home!