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Air conditioning for the home - portable air conditioners

Are you looking for a solution for your home to take care of the optimum temperature during the summer heat? At Mission Air, you will find air conditioners for the home that are highly efficient and effective. Portable air conditioners are units that require no installation. All you have to do is set the equipment in the desired location, temperature and enjoy the comfort of cooling on hot days. This type of device will also be a great choice for businesses, especially for office spaces. Check out our offer!

Air conditioning for homes, flats and businesses

What should you know about our units? The air conditioning for home and business that we offer is great for all seasons of the year. Stationary air conditioners allow you to set the optimum temperature in the room, but do not consume a lot of electricity. Their main advantage, therefore, is that they save electricity, which reflects positively on your bills. In addition, they can be controlled via a dedicated remote control or a panel that is located on the housing. The installation of air conditioning is also trivial. It does not require complicated work involving special installation, as is the case with a wall-mounted air conditioner, which consists of two components. It is therefore ideal for those who do not want to invest in a permanent air conditioning system.

Air conditioning for homes and businesses

Portable home air conditioning is a great solution that works very well on hot summer days. It does not generate a high level of noise, is easy to operate and has very good performance characteristics. When choosing an air conditioner for your home or flat, pay attention to its functions. The models we offer not only cool the air, but also heat it. Thanks to the built-in timer, you can set the operating time of the unit.

A home air conditioner can be equipped with a special handle, which will make it significantly easier for you to transport it and move it from place to place. There are also units with a built-in humidifier so that the air is not only cooled but also humidified. This is a very useful feature for people who struggle with allergies and respiratory diseases. If you are interested in our offer, please feel free to contact us or make a purchase!