Kits with mats under panels

Electric mats under panels - kits

Underfloor heating, which is made up of heating mats laid under the panels, is an economical and efficient solution for efficiently heating your home, flat and office. We offer high-quality heating mats that are suitable for installation under laminate and vinyl panels. They are characterised by the fact that they heat up very quickly and thus transfer heat to the interior in a short time. In this category, you will find ready-to-use mat sets, which include a thermostat with temperature sensor, a set of connection tubes and a roll of aluminium tape.

Heating mats for underfloor heating in sets

Do you want to ensure high thermal comfort in your home? At the same time, do you also want to get rid of unsightly radiators and thus save more space? Underfloor heating with our underfloor heating mats is a solution that is sure to meet your expectations. Our range includes, among other things, the single-sided powered heating mat MAL-160 with an output of 160 W/m². It is manufactured from a thin heating cable, which is characterised by high resistance to higher temperatures. In addition, the heating cable is embedded in an aluminium protective sheath.

The underfloor heating systems we offer for electric underfloor heating under panels are extremely efficient and, above all, trouble-free sets. They can be an additional or main source of heat in your home. They are ideal for rooms with various purposes. You can quickly install them in your office, bedroom or living room under the floor.

Underfloor heating mat kit for underfloor heating under panels

What sets our kits apart from others available on the market? First and foremost, the performance that you will experience from the very first moments of the system's operation. We guarantee that your floor will heat up to the optimum temperature in a very short time. In addition, an aesthetically pleasing temperature controller for the mat under the panels is included. In addition to the modern design, many models also feature Wifi, Google Home and Amazon Alexa control. Additionally, many models are equipped with a touchscreen control panel. A full set of installation accessories allows you to lay the underfloor heating yourself. We invite you to check out our range and other categories with top-class products!