Infrared heating films

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Infrared heating films

If you are looking for a reliable, modern and economical heating system, we have the perfect solution for you. Our infrared heating foils are ideal for underfloor, ceiling and wall heating. The heating systems we offer are based on thin foils, which are characterised by their reliability. You can use them as the primary heating source in your home or as spot heating.

Infrared heating with high-quality heating films

The installation of the heating foils we offer does not take much time. Depending on the size of the area, you can even do it in one day! This is a very short time, so you can enjoy your new heating system practically immediately. Foils are definitely a cheaper and easier to install solution than traditional underfloor heating. You can install them both at the construction stage and during renovations. If your current heating system does not satisfy you, does not meet your expectations and at the same time is expensive to operate, our products will certainly meet your expectations. We invite you to take a look at our offer!

Infrared heating foils at Mission Air

Despite appearances, infrared heating is not expensive. What's more, it has many benefits, not just economic ones. It is the perfect solution for allergy sufferers, as the safe infrared radiation does not lift the hot air, but heats all the elements in the room, which then release the heat into the environment. Thanks to their flexible and thin construction, as well as their 160 W/m² output, heating foils have many applications and can be installed virtually anywhere. If you are looking for an alternative heating system, infrared heating is certainly the ideal solution for you. Take advantage of our offer and, if necessary, also contact our specialists.