Infrared heaters

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Infrared heaters

Infrared panel heaters enable the entire room to be heated evenly at floor, wall and ceiling level. This type of heating, which is available in our range, guarantees comfortable conditions that are sure to be appreciated by everyone in the room. We offer a huge selection of infrared heating systems that are not only reliable and highly efficient, but also have great technical parameters and an elegant design. Check out our range and choose the best heaters on the market today!

How do infrared heaters from Mission Air work?

Infrared heaters are devices that emit infrared radiation. Depending on how they are powered, you can distinguish between gas, water and electric heaters. We offer panels that use electricity for their operation and heat generation. They are a type of heater whose working surface heats up to several hundred degrees, resulting in the emission of infrared rays. Their great advantage is that, unlike standard heating systems, our ecological heating panels heat all objects and people in their immediate vicinity. This means that no heating and dry air is carried away with the dust, so that devices from Mission Air can also be used by allergy sufferers.

Infrared heating - energy-efficient IR heaters

Irrespective of the technology and design used, the operation of infrared panels focuses on bringing electrical energy to the heated element with as little loss as possible. The result is a very low heat loss rate. The infrared electric radiators in our range make it possible to effectively reduce heating bills, which is a huge advantage.

In addition, they are characterised by high energy efficiency, which in practice means that they can convert as much as 99% of energy into heating. What's more, the units we offer in this category have been manufactured from the highest quality materials. They have a very wide range of applications, as you can use them both at home and at work, such as in the office. Thanks to the additional feet with wheels, they can become a mobile system for space heating. They can also be hung on the wall using the mounting elements included in the kit.

Electric infrared heaters - efficient heating systems

Our efficient infrared heaters are extremely popular with our customers. They provide a very fast heating effect, thus ensuring a feeling of pleasant warmth. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, Mission Air infrared heaters are able to heat up even very cooled rooms in a short space of time.

What else makes our devices stand out in the market? Well, the infrared panels fit in very well with the smart home trend. They can be controlled via an integrated thermostat and thus ensure thermal comfort. Simply set the desired temperature, place the device on the floor or hang it on the wall and enjoy the pleasant warmth.

Heating in the form of infrared radiation is completely safe for health. Although it heats living organisms and objects in the immediate surroundings, it has no side effects in the form of an increased risk of various illnesses or the appearance of ill health. If you are looking for an energy-saving, efficient and fast-acting heating system, then radiant heating is the ideal option for you.