Heating cables MAC-16, 16W/mb
Heating cables MAC-16, 16W/mb
Heating cables MAC-16, 16W/mb
Heating cables MAC-16, 16W/mb
Heating cables MAC-16, 16W/mb
Heating cables MAC-16, 16W/mb

Heating cables MAC-16, 16W/mb

Mission Air® MAC-16 is a single-sided powered heating cable that has been designed for indoor electric floor heating systems.

The cable is suitable for installation in an elastic adhesive layer under ceramic or stone tiles or in a self-levelling screed layer.

The installation of the cable is extremely simple and efficient.

In combination with a temperature controller, you can create energy-saving and environmentally friendly underfloor heating.

  • Reference:MAC-16/7,5m


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mission air, missionair, mission air®, ikonka 2 lata gwarancji

25 year warranty

mission air, missionair, mission air®, ikonka 16 W/m moc jednostkowa

16 W/m unit power

mission air, missionair, mission air®, ikonka 3,6 mm grubość kabla

3.6 mm cable thickness

mission air, missionair, mission air®,ikonka Napięcie zasilające

Supply voltage

mission air, missionair, mission air®, ikonka pojemność zbiornika paliwa, agregat prądotwórczy

7,5 - 154 m
18 lengths

Heating cable for underfloor heating

mission air, missionair, Kabel grzewczy MAC-16 z instrukcją i opakowaniem, przewód grzewczy MAC-16 ogrzewanie elektryczne

MAC-16 heating cable

Single-sided powered heating cable. Dedicated to indoor electric floor heating systems. 

The cable suitable for installation in the layer of elastic adhesive under ceramic or stone tiles, but also in the layer of self-leveling screed.

Effective and efficient floor heating

Underfloor heating system based on MAC-16 heating cable can work as:

- stand-alone, as well as the primary heating system in a given room. In order for the cable to meet this task, it is recommended that the heating area cover at least 2/3 of the total area of the room in which it would be located.

- Supportive heating, which is used, for example, to achieve the effect of a warm floor in a particular room.

mission air, missionair, kabel grzewczy MAC-16, elektryczne ogrzewanie podłogowe
mission air, missionair, kabel grzewczy MAC-16, elektryczne ogrzewanie podłogowe

Extremely easy installation

The heating cable, which is about 3.6 mm thick, is suitable for installation directly in the layer of flexible adhesive under the tiles. Another way of installation is also to sink the cable into the self-leveling screed.

When using the heating cable from Mission Air®, do not forget to use a temperature controller that will allow you to control the operation of the heating system.

Remember the temperature controller

For comfortable and safe use of the heating system, it is mandatory to connect the mat to a room temperature controller, which will allow you to control the operation of the mat.

We offer a wide range of control systems. From the simplest manual controllers, through programmable temperature controllers, to the most advanced controllers with the possibility of remote operation via WiFi network.

mission air, missionair, regulator temperatury taurus white, biały regulator temperatury
mission air, missionair, regulator temperatury, szklany regulator temperatury, czany sterownik temperatury
mission air, missionair, biały manualny regulator temperatury, sterownik temperatury white
mission air, missionair, Kabel grzewczy MAC-16 z góry, żółty przewód grzejny

Save money with Mission Air!

The ever-increasing costs of traditional gas heating and skyrocketing coal prices definitely speak in favor of electric heating based on heating cables.

In addition, with a home photovoltaic system, we can achieve virtually free heating in our home!

Choose high quality

At Mission Air®, we place a very high emphasis on both the quality of our products and the utmost satisfaction of all our customers.


Orders are completed carefully, with attention to the smallest details, and robust yet environmentally friendly packaging is used.

mission air, missionair, Kabel grzejny z instrukcją i opakowaniem, tanie ogrzewanie na prąd

Advantages of electric floor heating

Simple installation, requiring no major renovation work and many hours spent on the entire installation,

Low investment cost, especially compared to traditional water floor heating,

Outstanding response efficiency compared to other heating systems. We do not have to wait for the furnace to heat the water, which then gives heat to the room. The electric heating cable heats practically immediately after initiating operation,

Simple operation. Combined with a programmable temperature controller, the whole thing becomes an extremely intelligent and, moreover, intuitive to use system that takes care of comfortable heat in our homes,

Environmentally friendly system, no noise, no dust and no pollution,

The underfloor heating system saves valuable space in the room. The system is invisible and unobtrusive, providing greater flexibility in creating the ideal living environment. The only visible part of the system is the room temperature controller.

Savings! Low operating costs, influenced by the system's remarkable responsiveness, as well as its efficiency. What's more, combined with the photovoltaic panel system, we can have virtually free heating in our home!



Unit power

16 W/m

Cable length

7.5 - 154 mb (+2.5 mb power cable)

Supply voltage

230 V

Bending radius

25 mm


3,6 mm

Heating element

multi-stranded conductor

Conductor insulation


External insulation



in concrete screed or flexible adhesive

Power cable

2-wire with grounding braid

Power supply type




Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

The length of the heating cable is selectable from 7.5 m to 154 m.

The thickness of the heating cable is about 3.6 mm.

The unit power of the heating cable is 16 W/m. The total power of the cable depends on its length, for example: a cable with a length of 10 mb will have a total power of 160 W.

MAC-16 heating cables are covered by a 25-year warranty. As a condition of the warranty, the electrical connection must be made by a qualified electrician, who will make an entry in the designated area of the warranty card.

The heating cable cannot be cut or shortened.

As much as possible. Each time the kit comes with installation instructions along with a warranty card. Should additional questions arise during installation, our team of experts is at your service as much as possible.

The wires of the heating mat must not cross and come into contact with each other. This risks damaging the insulation and the heating element.

The heating cable must not be installed in the areas most exposed to particular moisture, that is, under the shower tray, shower or bathtub.

The heating cable can be mounted under furniture, which have feet with a minimum height of 3cm and the principle of free air circulation is maintained. The cable must not be installed under furniture that adhere to the floor and under permanent furniture. Within the application area of the duct, do not lay thick carpets or animal beds.

The MAC-16 heating cable can be installed under the panels only if it is embedded in a self-leveling screed.

The heating cable must not be connected to the mains with an ordinary plug connection. The heating cable should be connected to the ROOM TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER in each case.

The electrical connections of the heating cable must be made by an authorized electrician, who will also perform the necessary electrical measurements of the heating cable and the electrical system, ruling out possible faults and ensuring the safe operation of the polite system.

To check the heating cable for damage and proper operation, measure the resistance of the heating conductor (see the installation instructions for details).

The heating cable must be removed and a new heating cable installed. The use of a damaged cable is not allowed.

If you have a question that you haven't found the answer to, go ahead and write TO US!