Heating mats under mirrors

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Mirror heating mats

Electric under-mirror heating mats are a modern and functional solution that is finding an increasing number of followers. The purpose of the heating film is to prevent water vapour from settling on the surface of the mirror. The products we offer are self-adhesive, which makes them very easy to install. In addition, you will find a variety of sizes and shapes, which will allow you to match the anti-vapour to the shape of your mirror. Take a look at our offer!

Electric heating mats under mirrors

As you know, a hot bath causes steam to build up in the bathroom, including on the mirror, making it difficult to use. Wiping it off inadequately can lead to troublesome streaks, which are later difficult to remove and take a long time. The ideal solution to this problem is an electric heating film under the mirror, which will increase its temperature to a level that prevents water vapour from settling on its surface. The self-adhesive surface of the heating mat guarantees fast and problem-free installation.

Heating foils under the mirror

A mirror in a bathroom or other room can either be hung or built-in. The mirror heating mat can be powered from a separate switch or integrated into a light switch. However, connecting the heating mat to the light switch is a much more convenient solution. In addition, this reduces energy consumption and there is no need for an additional installation such as a thermostat.

Choosing the right mat under a bathroom mirror or in a hallway is of great importance. The larger its surface area, the larger the mat should be, so that the amount of heat it produces prevents the build-up of vapour. Thanks to the fact that we offer a huge selection of sizes and shapes of mirror heating films, you will be able to choose the right one for your home without the slightest problem. If you are interested in our offer but have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!