Heating foils KITS

Heating foils - kits

Heating foils in Mission Air kits are the most advanced and modern infrared electric heating systems for new buildings and after thermal modernisation. The kits include a thermoregulator, heating foil and the necessary accessories for the installation of the heating system. If you have any problems with the selection of the installation components, we will be happy to help you find the optimal solution.

How does underfloor heating film work?

The base of the underfloor heating film is PET film. It is characterised by its high resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion. In addition, it exhibits considerable insulation and fire resistance, making the entire heating system completely safe. Heating and temperature are controlled by a thermostat, which is included in the kit.

The heating foil is nothing more than an electric heater with a graphite heater, which under the influence of electrical resistance generates heat in the form of long-wave infrared radiation. The heat thus generated heats the objects in the room, so that the effect of the mats can be compared to that of sunlight.

An important advantage of our offer is that you do not have to buy individual system components separately to build an installation for electric underfloor heating. Everything is included in the package we have prepared for you!

Infrared heating foils in the installation set

What is the difference between our infrared heating foils in an underfloor heating kit and a traditional one? First of all, infrared does not heat the air, but the specific objects that are in its range. If the foil is placed under the panels, all the finishes will be heated. Unlike other systems, the heat rays are first emitted towards the room, rather than rising upwards.

Our kits contain all the mounting accessories so that you can install the heating yourself in your home. The prefabricated kits will also work well in flats and companies, for example in office spaces. If you are interested in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us!