Heating foils

Electric infrared heating foils

Electric infrared heating foils are an innovative solution that will provide you with heating comfort in your home, flat, as well as in the office and many other places wherever you install them. They are characterised by the fact that they are extremely thin and at the same time extremely robust. They can be installed as underfloor, wall or ceiling heating. The matrix in the heating films is made up of carbon particles and is completely insulated from the environment by a multilayer and high-quality PET film. Stable operating conditions guarantee a long service life of the mats and reliability, as well as high operating efficiency.

Electric heating foils for infrared heating

The heating films we offer work well with modern energy control systems. They therefore fit perfectly into the design of intelligent houses, which are not only comfortable, but also make extensive use of RES. Heating foils can be used as an additional heat source in many rooms, as well as being the sole and main heat source. It is currently the most popular solution for heating systems in residential construction. Their popularity is primarily due to their low running costs and simple and quick installation under the floor.

Infrared electric heating foils

At Mission Air, we offer state-of-the-art heating foils that can be installed under virtually any type of flooring - from laminate to SPC vinyl. The ease of installation of the panels and heating mats means that it takes really little time to get a warm floor during renovation or construction. This allows you to plan your work efficiently and save man-hours.

In addition, our range is distinguished by state-of-the-art PTC technology, which is unique in its class. It works on the principle that the resistance of the circuit increases as the temperature rises. The effect is to reduce the current that flows through the heating element. This means that the power decreases as the temperature increases. This prevents the elements from overheating, making the installation completely safe and reliable. Take a look at the details of our offer!