Heating cables with thermostat

Heating cables

The heating cables we offer are ideal for households where you want to ensure the proper functioning of pipework. They are designed for outdoor use, so you can successfully protect gate motors, pipes or valves with them. In our offer you will find only the highest quality products, which have been manufactured with attention to every detail. Our cables have an anti-icing and anti-freeze function. Thanks to their use, you will ensure that there are no more problems with freezing water in pipes and gutters.

Electric heating cables

Heating cables are made of multi-stranded conductor and have an output of 16 W/m. They have the advantage of guaranteeing safety and at the same time low energy consumption, which makes them extremely efficient and does not significantly increase the electricity bill. Before installing the cable, it must be unwound. It is important that it is not connected to the mains at this time. The area around the pipe to be protected should be free and accessible. In order for the whole system to work properly, it is necessary to position the thermostat so that it is adjacent to the surface of the pipe. After installation, the No Frost function is automatically activated to supervise the protected section.

Application of heating cables

Our heating cable sets consist of a single-sided powered cable, an automatic switch and a power supply terminated with a plug. Our cables can be laid on copper, steel and plastic pipes if their working strength is + 90 degrees Celsius. This is great for protecting gutters, pipes, valves and meters from icing and freezing. It also helps to protect the roof edge line from ice and snow accumulation. We guarantee that our heating cables and wires are top-of-the-range products with energy efficiency and high performance. If you are interested in what we have to offer or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!