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Electric heating mats

Underfloor heating using electric heating mats is a very simple way to evenly raise the temperature in rooms. The heating mats offered in our shop can be laid under panels and tiles in homes, offices, hotels or public buildings. If you choose the right electric mats, you will significantly increase your living comfort. Check out Mission Air!

Underfloor heating with heating mats

Underfloor heating is steadily gaining in popularity. Many of our customers appreciate the fact that heating mats heat the floor evenly and work with electricity, without the need for water pipes. Heating with special mats can be the main source of heat as well as an additional support for the heating system.

Electric heating mats are an excellent solution that generates high savings, particularly when photovoltaics are installed in the house. In other cases, the electricity bills will also positively surprise you, as there is no need to set the thermostat and the heating can be switched off when no one is at home or in the office. The advantage of the heating mats we offer is that they heat up in a very short time, so they return heat to the floor just as quickly.

Electric heating mats - efficient space heating

The installation of electric heating mats is best decided during the design and construction of your home. However, if you are planning to renovate your home and replace the floor covering, there is nothing to prevent such an installation from taking place there as well. Electric underfloor heating mats have many advantages that you will certainly appreciate.

Replacing a traditional radiator with underfloor mats does not require the installation of a furnace in the boiler room. What's more, you gain more space and the possibility of more interesting interior design, while at the same time enjoying higher thermal comfort. The absence of unattractive radiators and heat pipes will certainly be a change for the better.

Electric underfloor heating with Mission Air heating mats

What sets us apart from the market? First and foremost, the quality of our products. They are characterised by their reliability and also by the guarantee of optimal thermal comfort, thanks to the temperature sensor that you can purchase in our shop. Our electric underfloor mats for laminate and ceramic tiles can be used as the main source of heat, as well as only to heat up a selected room. The entire heating system is concealed under the floor, which becomes pleasantly warm just a few minutes after activation of the thermostat. In addition, our heating mats under panels and tiles can be installed very easily and quickly. They are available in many different sizes. Take a look at our offer!