Electric heating

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Electric heating for your home and business

Are you building a house or renovating a flat and considering an alternative heating source? Do you want to reduce your heating bills? At Mission Air, we offer solutions that are perfectly suited to you and your needs. Heating costs are constantly rising, but with our electric heating equipment, you are guaranteed not only reliability but also savings. Among other things, we offer electric heaters, patio heaters or heating mats. Check out our range and choose the optimal solution for you!

Efficient electric home heating

Electric home heating was not cost-effective until a few years ago. The high operating costs of such a system meant that few people opted for this solution. Developing technology has made it possible to minimise the costs of heating with electricity, which has translated into more frequent use of this heating system. Electric underfloor heating is increasingly being installed in homes and flats. In our offer, you will find high-class, economical and efficient heating foils and mats, which can be the main or additional source of heat in your home. Their installation is very simple and requires no specialist knowledge, and they are energy-efficient.

Electric heating for homes and businesses

Electric heating makes sense in particular if you have a photovoltaic system installed. This makes the cost of electric heating virtually zero. The growing interest in renewable energy sources means that you can create a fully energy-efficient and self-sufficient heating system for your home. In doing so, you will not only ensure savings, but also a higher level of living comfort.

Heating with electricity - the Mission Air range

If you are looking for devices that guarantee you heating comfort while being just as efficient as standard heating systems, take a look at our range. Among other things, you will find under-mirror heating mats, underfloor and wall heating systems as well as the necessary accessories. All products are characterised by above-average efficiency, generating high savings and an attractive price. Not sure which appliances to choose for your home? Contact us and we will tailor the optimal solution for you!