Convector heater SYDNEY
Convector heater SYDNEY
Convector heater SYDNEY
Convector heater SYDNEY
Convector heater SYDNEY
Convector heater SYDNEY
Convector heater SYDNEY
Convector heater SYDNEY
Convector heater SYDNEY

Convector heater SYDNEY

Sydney electric convector heaters are heating devices that will provide you with high efficiency and effectiveness in heating even the largest rooms.

They owe their functionality to the use of modern technologies, which translate into efficient operation and energy savings.

You can place radiators from the Sydney series in any room and thus guarantee yourself practically instant heating. These devices are an ideal complement to the heating system and invaluable help during winter. Thanks to them, you will never feel the chills again. Make yourself comfortable with Mission Air electric heaters!

Guarantee: 2 years

  • Reference:SYDNEY 1000


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Extended EasyProtect® service protection


mission air, missionair, mission air®, ikonka 2 lata gwarancji

2-year warranty

mission air, missionair, mission air®, ikonka zabezpieczenie przed wilgocią

Protection against humidity

mission air, missionair, mission air®, ikonka regulowany termostat

Controllable thermostat

mission air, missionair, mission air®, ikona wydajny element grzejny w kształcie litery X

Powerful X-shaped heating element

mission air, missionair, mission air®, ikonka tryb ECO

ECO mode

Mission Air SYDNEY electric convector heater

Room convector heater

Sydney convection heaters are available in several power variants - 1000 / 1500 /2000 W. This allows you to tailor the device to your needs by choosing the right type. Each product is characterised by high quality of work and workmanship. 

The modern design means that you can place them in any room and be guaranteed that they will blend in seamlessly with the room's décor. The units are equipped with a thermostat and an ambient air temperature sensor. In addition, thanks to modern technology and high efficiency, you do not have to worry about electricity bills.

Wall-mounted or free-standing radiator

Radiators in the Sydney series are very easy to install.

Mounting elements are included in the kits so that you can enjoy the wall heater in your room. 

However, if you want to heat several rooms, all you need to do is screw the dedicated feet onto the base of the unit. In this way, you will have a mobile heat source that will warm any room.

 Thanks to the versatility of the installation, you can adapt the equipment to your needs.

mission air, missionair, mission air®,Grzejnik elektryczny Sydney na ścianie
mission air, missionair, mission air®,Grzejnik elektryczny Sydney

X-shaped heating element

Sydney radiators are equipped with a modern X-shaped heater, which allows the units to work even more efficiently. In this way, heat is distributed much more efficiently, resulting in a quick feeling of warmth in the room.

The X-shaped heating element used is much more efficient and reliable than a traditional comb heater.

Opt for modern solutions in your home!

Adjustable thermostat and two operating modes

Sydney series convector heaters are equipped with a continuously adjustable thermostat, which allows us to achieve a comfortable temperature in the room, as well as to perfectly adjust the operating parameters of the device to our expectations.

In addition, we have the option of choosing between two available operating modes:

  • Eco mode
  • Comfort mode

In Comfort mode, the heater operates at full heater power, while Eco mode allows the heater power to be reduced to 50%. This solution allows even lower electricity consumption to be achieved.

mission air, missionair, mission air®,termostat w grzejnikach konwektorowych Sydney
mission air, missionair, mission air®,Grzejnik elektryczny Sydney wiszący na ścianie

Robust design and effective operation

All versions are equipped with a robust casing made of pressed sheet steel, which is coated with an anti-corrosive coating and a heat-resistant oven varnish. 

The shape of the air outlet fins allows for a gentle distribution of heat throughout the heated room. 

Sydney are convector heaters, so they work on the principle of air convection in the room. The heated air rises spontaneously in the space of the room, which allows it to be efficiently heated and to reach a comfortable temperature.

Choose one of the three powers

Sydney convector heaters come in several power versions to choose from, so everyone can find the perfect model to suit their needs.

The height of the units is 38 cm in each case. As the power increases, the width of the heater increases:

  • Sydney 1000W - width 60cm
  • Sydney 1500W - width 76cm
  • Sydney 2000W - width 92cm
mission air, missionair, mission air®,Grzejniki elektryczne Sydney 1000W-2000W
mission air, missionair, mission air®,Grzejnik elektryczny Sydney wiszący na ścianie w pomieszczeniu

Widespread use

Thanks to the use of modern technologies, Sydney convector heaters combine above-average performance, faultlessness and energy efficiency. 

The modern design of the slim casing in a classic colour makes them great looking devices. 

The heaters have a very wide range of applications - you can place them in any room: office, room, bedroom, living room, shop or commercial premises. 

With electric heaters from Mission Air, you can rest assured of comfortable warmth in your home!

Save with Mission Air®!

The ever-increasing costs of traditional gas heating and skyrocketing coal prices definitely speak in favour of electric heating. 

The fact that electric heating is completely zero-emission for your environment is extremely important. Take care of the air quality and the high living comfort of your family.

In addition, with a home photovoltaic system, we can achieve virtually free heating in our home!

mission air, missionair, mission air®,Grzejnik elektryczny Sydney 1000W
mission air, missionair, mission air®,Grzejnik elektryczny Sydney akcesoria wieszaki

Legs and accessories for mounting the heater on the wall included!


mission air, missionair, mission air®, grzejniki Sydney wszystkie wymiary

1000W/ 1500W/ 2000W










mechanical, manual

Power supply

230 V


1000W/ 1500W/ 2000W

Protection against overheating


Degree of protection



38 cm (without feet)


60 cm - 92 cm (depending on model)


9 cm (without feet)

Length of supply cable

1,5 m


4.1 kg - 5.6 kg (depending on version)

Legs with wheels


Wall mounting elements




Explore other models in the Mission Air® range

If you have a question that you have not found the answer to, feel free to write to us!



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