Electric radiators

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Electric radiators

Electric radiators are a great way to insulate home and office spaces. Many of the units we offer can be mounted on walls or placed on feet. In addition, they are equipped with a thermostat so that regulating the heating temperature is no problem. Electric radiators can be an additional or main heat source in your home. We have a series of convector heaters prepared in our range:

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Modern electric radiators

Traditional radiators, which are installed indoors, use hot water for heating. The central heating system raises its temperature to a high temperature in order to then transport it to the radiator whose valve has been turned off. In contrast, our electric radiators use electricity for their operation and therefore operate independently of the central heating system. In our range, you will find different models of appliances that feature different parameters. However, all of them are energy-efficient, have a modern design and are efficient.

Energy-efficient electric convector heaters

The heating appliances in the Mission Air range give you the freedom that standard radiators cannot offer. Unlike water-heated radiators, electric devices work all year round. Above all, we offer solutions that are practical. So you can buy an electric radiator that can be portable. You can either mount it on the wall or place it anywhere on special legs. Energy-efficient electric radiators will keep you comfortable when you need it - even on colder days when the central heating system is not yet working. Take a look at our range of electric heaters. Check out the radiant heaters we can offer you!