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Air heaters

Electric air heaters that make it quick and easy to raise the temperature in any room. They are particularly suitable for rooms where there is no designated space to pull up the central heating system. This type of interior very often includes gazebos, garages and summer houses. Among others, we offer the DUBAI model, which is available in three different variants - 2 kW and 3.3 kW (230 V supply) and 5 kW (400 V supply). Check out our range and choose the best solution for you!

Electric air heaters

What should you consider when choosing an electric air heater? Think first about the power you will need. 3 kW units are very efficient and ideal for heating a small studio or individual rooms. If you are looking to heat larger areas, we recommend choosing a 5 kW model. Why choose our electric heaters? First of all, they stand out for their efficiency and reliability. Moreover, they are energy-efficient, so you don't have to worry about electricity bills. You can position the equipment anywhere and heat any object and room. They also feature a high degree of protection, which is defined as IP 24.

Our air heaters simply plug into a power socket, which means that they do not use any type of fuel - gas or oil - for operation. Despite this, they guarantee heating comfort in a very short time. The units can run continuously for long periods of time, as the motors are equipped with special sensors to protect them from overheating. When finished, it is worthwhile using the built-in fan, which allows the heating elements to cool down more quickly.

Multifunctional electric heaters - heating and dehumidifying

The portable air heaters offered in our shop are multifunctional devices. They can be used as a portable heat source for heating rooms, e.g. offices or rooms during construction and finishing works. They can also be used as a practical tool for dehumidifying interiors that are prone to dampness and thus the appearance of mould or mildew. If you are looking for an effective appliance that combines several functions, we invite you to take a look at the details of our offer!