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Portable air conditioning

In our range you will find a wide range of portable air conditioners, which are characterised by their efficiency and reliability. Our products are a great alternative to standard air conditioning, which requires installation. Portable air conditioners will significantly increase your living comfort while working and relaxing, and ensure proper air flow and air quality. At Mission Air, we rely first and foremost on tried-and-tested solutions, so you can be sure that when you choose our range, you are guaranteed reliability and competitive equipment prices.

Mobile air conditioners at Mission Air

Mobile air conditioners are equipment that is perfect for any room. You can use it in commercial premises, your flat, your home and also in the office. The units we offer are simple and intuitive to operate. In addition, they are equipped with many useful functions, which can be controlled via a remote desktop, remote control or WiFi wireless network in selected models. Room air conditioners are an economical solution that does not require special connection conditions, but is just as effective and guarantees a constant flow of cool air. It will therefore perform very well on a hot day. Each model is composed of a robust housing and components. Inside are the evaporator and condenser, which are responsible for the correct operation of the unit.

Portable air conditioning for home and work

In our offer, we have collected a number of air conditioner proposals for you, which will provide you with adequate cooling on hot summer days. The selected models differ not only in design, but also in functionality. You will easily find a home air conditioner to suit your requirements, as well as for use at work. The main criterion that determines the application and performance of the unit is the cooling capacity. Installation of the unit is very simple and quick. Virtually every appliance has a built-in timer and control panel. In selected models, you can also control them remotely via wi-fi. Take a look at the details of our offer!