Electric convector heaters are smart space heating devices that rely on the phenomenon of convection. This works so that the built-in heater heats the air inside the heater, and the warmer air rises to evenly distribute heat throughout the room. They are not only extremely effective, but also energy efficient. Thanks to precise temperature control and rapid achievement of optimal heat, convector heaters minimize energy consumption, which translates into much lower heating bills!


DUBAI air heater is not only an appliance, but also a support in achieving the ideal temperature and excellent ventilation in your rooms. Their heavy-duty fan runs quietly, and advanced safety features guarantee safe use.


Radiant patio heaters are the perfect solution for relaxing outdoors regardless of the weather. They offer high efficiency and innovative technology that heats not only the air, but also objects and the human body. They are ideal for the garage, warehouse, workshop or terrace!


Our heaters provide instant access to hot water whenever you need it. What's more, our units are not only fast, but also extremely energy efficient. This not only saves you time, but also reduces your energy consumption, which benefits the environment and your wallet. This is the perfect solution for people who value convenience, economy and care for the planet.

On our site you will find a wide selection of water heaters to suit different needs and preferences.


Our mats provide unparalleled comfort and pleasant warmth in your home or office. Thanks to advanced technology and high-quality materials, our heating mats are not only energy efficient, but also provide even and safe heat distribution. Make your underfloor comfort at the highest level with our heating mats.

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